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Temporary Changes to Traffic Flow in Our Yard

Beginning this week (the week of October 31st), our outdoor Customer Scale will be out of service while the scale technicians perform preventative maintenance.

During this time, please note the following temporary changes to the flow of traffic within our yard:

  1. Check-In Will Be at the Opposite End of our Building. Instead of the South end of the office nearest the road, we will be checking-in customers from the North corner of the office nearest the In-House Truck Scale.

  2. The Stop Signs at Check-In Will Be Further Forward than Usual. Please pull up to the stop signs in their new position and stop. If you do not, we may not notice you have arrived.

  3. Customers Will Be Using the In-House Truck Scale. This means customers and our semi-trucks will be sharing the same scale. There may be some slight delays if we happen to be weighing our semi-trucks/balancing loads when you arrive. So please be patient.

  4. The Traffic Lights for the In-House Truck Scale are in a Different Location. Instead of at the end of the scale, the traffic light is located on the North wall of our office. Please be sure to listen to our staff at check-in while they try to explain this change in location to you.

We ask that each of you please be patient and willing to listen as our scale clerk provides you with instructions on how to best navigate our yard during this time.

And of course, remember that these changes are temporary. We are scheduled to resume normal traffic flow and scale operations on Monday, November 7th, 2022.

Thank you for your cooperation as we perform this scheduled maintenance!

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