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~*FREE Wood Available!*~

Have a fireplace and need to keep the cracklin' glow alive? Or maybe need to feed that outdoor wood burner so you can stay toasty warm this season?

If anyone is interested, there is some FREE wood available here at D&W Salvage that can help you do just that!

The wood pile is located just outside the gate and on the West side of the driveway. It is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Those interested should:

  • Bring their own trailer to haul the wood home

  • Bring tools to cut the wood to fit on their trailer

If our crew isn't busy, we likely will be able to help load the wood onto your trailer. However, that is all dependent on how busy we are when you arrive to pick it up. So please keep that in mind--customers needing help with their scrap will always come before those who need assistance with wood.

When this pile is depleted, we will be adding more wood to it, as it's available. But once it's gone, it's gone--so come get it while you can!

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