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Scrap Farm Truck



In 1974, childhood friends and neighbours, Bryan Deering and Steven Wolschlager, (aka. Woosh to his friends) had a revelation...


Bryan and Steven were automobile enthusiasts and very capable auto mechanics.  They noticed an abundance of scrap automobiles around the county and recognized that money could be made by salvaging the vehicles.  With only high school educations, hard work, and determination, along with a pickup and trailer, D&W Salvage was born.


In October of 1976, Bryan and Steven applied for a DBA certificate making D&W Salvage their business name.  Needing room to grow, they moved out of Bryan's dad's electrical shop and purchased Les Hazard's farm/scrapyard in November of 1976. (The current location of D&W Salvage, Inc.)


Pursuing other interests, Steven sold his equity in the business to Bryan in February of 1978; however, Bryan retained the name - D&W Salvage.  Since then, D&W has continued to grow into the successful business it is today.


Just recently, D&W Salvage has officially become a family owned and operated business.  Bryan has two children, and his daughter Angie, who spent her summers working in the office and running the baler, has returned to help bring fresh ideas to the scrap yard.  With her new ideas and attention-to-detail, and Bryan's experience and get-it-done attitude, D&W is looking forward to many more decades of helping the community with all of its scrap iron and metal recycling needs.


We at D&W Salvage take pride in the fact that we are a family owned and operated business.  Our staff offers knowledgeable and courteous service, and we treat all of our customers with honesty and respect, whether they bring us ten pounds or ten thousand pounds of material.  We truly have established an outstanding reputation for integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction, as we provide a service that positively impacts the environment and boosts our local economic vitality.      


Although Bryan and Steven conceived the idea of D&W Salvage, our continued success would not be possible without our dedicated staff and customers.  We would like to thank our customers and employees for helping us make D&W Salvage the premier scrap yard that it is today.

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