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Cast Iron Brake Rotors
Pile of Scrap Cars
Car Bodies
Any type of vehicle that you deliver to our yard.  In order for D&W to accept any scrap vehicles, we must have a signed title and the vehicle must also be free of any leins/loans.  The tires are the only part of the vehicle that we do not accept.  If we receive a vehicle with tires still on it, we will be sending rubber back home (either the same tires and rims that were brought to us, or scrap tires of the same size that have already been cut off rims).  For more detailed information on car bodies, please visit our FAQ section.
Pile of Tin/Miscellaneous
This is any type of thin gauge steel or miscellaneous steel item.  These items may contain small amounts of plastic or other non-metallic items; however, in order to be considered tin, the item must be approximately 80% metallic in nature.  Items that fall under this category are:  steel roofing, washers and dryers, hot water heaters, lawnmowers, refrigerators and air conditioners (as long as the freon gas is removed), swing sets, and tin cans.  NOTE: Re-Bar/Re-Rod and Steel Cable cannot be purchased as Tin.  Please see note at bottom of page regarding these commodities.
Pile of Long Steel
Long Steel
Any type of heavier gauge steel that is over 2 feet in length.  These items may contain small amounts of non-metallic items; however, the item must be approximately 95% metallic in nature.  Great examples of long steel are:  fence posts, cattle fencing, steel semi-truck rims (valve stems and wheel weights removed), farm implements/machinery, and structural steel.  NOTE: Re-Bar/Re-Rod and Steel Cable cannot be purchased as Long Steel.  Please see note at bottom of page regarding these commodities.
Torchable Long Steel Hi-Lo
Torchable Long Steel
The heaviest gauge of steel.  These items are generally over 1/2" thick and have to be torched in order to be processed--they cannot be run through a shear.  Great examples of torchable long steel are: plow blades, bulldozers, excavators, and forklifts/hi-los. 
Short Steel
This is steel that is at least 3/16" thick and cut into 2-foot x 18 inches and under pieces.  It cannot be galvanized, chrome-plated, nor can it contain any other type of metal or plastic--it has to be 100% steel.  Closed containers such as shock absorbers, refrigerator compressors, propane tanks, oil filters, break chambers, or torque converters, as well as break pads/shoes and re-bar/re-rod are NOT considered short steel.   Great examples of short steel include:  plow points, nuts and bolts, steel car rims (with valve stems and wheels weights removed), and i-beams cut into 2 foot and under sections.
Any motor or engine with a cast iron block falls under this category.  Aluminum heads and transmissions can be left attached, however, the pan and cradle need to be removed and any and all oil needs to be drained.  NOTE: Motors that consist of both an aluminum block and an aluminum head are purchased as heavy remelt.  We will NOT purchase any motors if the pan is still attached/they still contain fluids.
Pile of Cast Iron Tubs, Pipes, etc.
Cast Iron
Cast Iron is a type of iron that is made or 'casted' by pouring melted iron in a mold.  Cast iron will break under pressure, as opposed to bending like many other types of steel.  Great examples of cast iron are: brake rotors, old radiators, cast iron brake drums, old bathtubs and sinks, and cast iron pipes.
Oversized Steel & Cast Iron Dies/Presses
Oversized Steel & Cast Iron
This is steel and cast iron that is well over 2" thick or more.  It has to be torched to be processed and it generally requires the use of heavy equipment to load/unload.  Great examples of oversized steel and cast iron are:  cast iron counterweights (off excavators and forklifts) and large dies and presses.
Steel Shavings
Steel Shavings
Steel shavings are small, thin, pieces of steel that are the byproduct of a machining process (much like pencil shavings are created when a pencil is sharpened).  All steel shavings must be clean, meaning they should contain no plastic or other types of metals, and they should be free from moisture and fluids.
Special Notes about Re-Rod/Re-Bar and Steel Cable
Re-Bar/Re-Rod and Steel Cable (such as that from dairy farms and in cable cranes) cannot be purchased at the Tin or Long Steel price.  This is due to the extra sorting and processing that is needed to prepare this type of material for shipment.  Re-Bar/Re-Rod and Steel Cable will be purchased at a reduced rate (at least half of the Tin/Long Steel price).  If you provide us with a load of material that contains a mix of Tin/Long Steel as well as Steel Cable and/or Re-Bar, the whole load will be downgraded to the reduced price point, as mentioned in the previous sentence.

Please Also Remember:  Any Re-Bar/Re-Rod needs to be free of concrete & other debris in order for us to purchase it.  It also cannot be purchased as Short Steel, as it does not meet the foundry requirements for Short Steel.


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