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D&W Semi with Roll-Off Container

D&W Salvage, Inc. offers a variety of services to help you with all of your scrap iron and metal recycling needs.  If you are are an industrial or commercial producer of scrap iron and metal, a farmer looking to clean up your property, are considering a demolition project, or are an individual looking for some extra spending money, D&W Salvage, Inc. is capable of meeting your needs.

Retail Scale Trade

D&W Salvage, Inc. accepts both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap iron and metals.  On site, you will find state certified scales to ensure accuracy of all received materials, including an 80-foot platform scale capable of weighing semi-trucks and trailers.  Our yard is free of clutter and able to accommodate even the bulkiest loads.  Magnets, grapples, and forks are available to assist in handling oversized items, and friendly and knowledgeable staff are always willing to guide you to the proper location or to answer any questions that may arise.

For the industrial and commercial sector only, D&W Salvage, Inc. offers a variety of gondolas, baskets, and hoppers of various sizes.  Have a large production run?  Why not give one of our self-dumping hoppers a try.  Trying to stay ahead when it comes to general shop maintenance and cleanup?  Keep your environmental officer happy by filling our solid-sided gondolas (various sizes available).  When your bins are full, give us a call and we can pick them up or switch them so they're ready for your next endeavor.

80 Foot Truck Scale
Roll-Off Container on Truck
Self-Dumping Hopper


Roll-off services and gondolas/baskets/hoppers are dependent on type and quantity of material being generated.

Roll-off container services are available for the commercial, industrial, and farm-agricultural sector that include but are not limited to:  custom pricing, flexible scheduling to accommodate your scrap production needs, and a variety of different sizes (30 yard to 80 yard and others in-between).  So if you are producing large volumes of scrap material, we are more than happy to place a container that most closely meets your needs.  When the container is full, a call is all it takes and we’ll pick it up or swap it out for another.


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