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Reminder: Please DO NOT Bring Us A Bunch of Loose Tires on Rims

Hello scrappers--we've had a few instances this season, so here is a friendly reminder about loose tires on rims:

Please remember that if you bring us a bunch of tires that are still on rims, we WILL NOT cut the tires off the rims in order to purchase the rims from you (nor will we give you scrap tires to 'swap out' the rubber). In order for us to purchase rims as scrap, the tires, valve stems, and wheel weights need to be removed BEFORE you get to our yard. Any local tire shop should be able to help you remove the tires off the rims.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, however, we hope that by knowing our protocol you will be better prepared to scrap your rims before you arrive at our facility.

Also, since we are on the topic of tires, below are two frequently asked questions about tires:

What If We Need to Leave A Couple Tires on a Large Piece of Equipment/Tractor In Order to Haul It--Can We Do That/Will You Help Us With Those?

If you bring us a large piece of equipment/tractor and need to leave on a couple of tires in order to tow it/load it on a trailer, we understand completely! In this instance, please leave on the bare minimum amount of tires needed to safely get the equipment/tractor here. We can then cut those few tires off the equipment/tractor and send them back with you. In this scenario, we are willing to do this because:

1. We understand that hauling the equipment/tractor without at least a couple tires would be impossible.

2. The amount of steel we are purchasing far outweighs the amount of rubber on the equipment.

However, please be advised that if you are bringing in large equipment/tractors as described above, we may not be able to cut these tires off immediately and/or before you leave the yard. Instead, you may have to wait until our crew is less busy. If so, the office staff will ask you for your phone number, call you when the tires are ready to be picked up, and will pay you when you return to pick up the tires.

What About Bringing a Scrap Vehicle--Can We Still Bring Them With Tires as Long as We Take Tires Back Home With Us?

When it comes to scrap cars, the rules are still the same as they always were. You have two options if you bring us a car/pickup/van with tires still on it:

1. Have us lift up the vehicle enough so that you can use an impact or 4-way to remove the tires/rims. You would then take your tires/rims home with you. (Please bring your own impact for this!)

2. Take home scrap tires (already cut off rims) that are the same size & weight as the tires on the car/pickup/van.

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