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Aluminum Transmissions: Now Purchased by the Pound

Previously, Aluminum Transmissions were purchased using flat rate pricing--the price was dependent on whether you had a Whole Transmission (large transmissions complete with bell housing) or Half Transmission (manual transmissions, small transmissions, those without bell housing, or transfer cases). Needless to say, this methodology sometimes became clunky and confusing.

In order to make things easier for both our customers and our staff, we are now purchasing our Aluminum Transmissions by the pound. This means that they will need to be weighed up just like all of your other commodities.

Please also keep in mind that the pan has to be removed and the fluids need to be completely drained. We WILL NOT purchase your Aluminum Transmissions if the pan is still attached/they still contain fluids. Fluids pouring out of loose transmissions creates quite the mess and is an environmental hazard.

The same rule about fluids also applies to any loose Motors or Cast Iron Transmissions--the pan has to be removed and the fluids completely drained in order for us to purchase them.

Thanks so much for your cooperation with regard to this change. We look forward to purchasing more of your Aluminum Transmissions in the near future!

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