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Stainless Sinks with Faucets, Steel Trim, Plastic, etc. Attached - Now Purchased as Tin

Our end-user has changed how they purchase Stainless Steel sinks that have attachments such as faucets, steel trim, plastic, etc. still on them--and unfortunately, it is just too time consuming to allow our crew to clean them to specifications. As such, we must change how we purchase them.

If you bring us a stainless steel sink that is clean and 100% non-magnetic stainless steel (like the below picture), it will be purchased under the Stainless Steel category. Easy peasy--nothing has changed there.

However, if you bring us a stainless steel sink that still has ANY faucets, steel trim, plastic/copper tubing, and/or drain pieces attached (as shown in the below picture), we are now going to purchase it under the Tin category.

Previously stainless sinks with other items attached (like that shown above) were purchased as Dirty Stainless.

So again to recap:

  • Completely Clean Non-Magnetic Stainless Sink = Purchased as Stainless Steel

  • Stainless Sink with ANY Non-Stainless Items Attached = Now Purchased as Tin

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause. We hope that by notifying all of you of this change ahead of time, we can avoid any unexpected surprises the next time you visit our yard.



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