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New Software Coming January 2021

After nearly 20 years of using the same software program to purchase scrap and issue payments, D&W Salvage, Inc. is excited to announce that we will begin 2021 by upgrading to a different software program. This new software will allow D&W Salvage to meet the ever-changing demands of technology and stay in compliance with State laws, all while continuing to provide the excellent level of customer service that our customers know and expect.

So what does this mean for you as customers?

  • For the most part, changes will be small. You will notice a change to the look of our checks and scale tickets, and you will also notice that we are using more technology to get you checked in and to weigh your material.

  • None of your old data will be lost. While we no longer will be using the old software to buy your material, we will still have full access to view all of your previous scrap purchase history should the need arise.

  • Please be patient with our staff. While the new program is supposed to easier to use, keep in mind that we have been using the same program for nearly 20 years-- it takes time to learn to navigate something different.

  • Beginning the week of January 18th, 2021, you will HAVE to present your driver's license or state issued ID when you first check in and get it scanned into our new software system.

After reading the last bullet point, you're probably thinking: But wait? Didn't we always have to have a driver's license to get paid?

Yes, you did. And as long as your license was current/up-to-date in our old program, we didn't ask to re-scan it every time you visited our yard. However, our new software program will not allow us to transfer driver's license data from the old program. Instead, we have to 'start fresh' and re-enter everyone's information into the new software system. This goes for EVERYONE who brings us material--including those customers who currently are filling one of our roll-off containers. We will have to re-scan your ID into our new software program in order for you to receive payment for your scrap.

Also, we know that many of you haul material on behalf of other individuals who have previously been to our yard (ie. you haul the material but the check is in their name). Please consider this posting a reminder that those individuals will also need their IDs re-scanned into our system before we can put checks in their name.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the immediate future, but we look forward to providing you with an even better customer experience as we move forward.


D&W Salvage, Inc.

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