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Phones Still on the Fritz - But We are Here!

This is just an announcement to let you know that today 8/9/22 our phones are currently not working correctly. Sometimes you can get through to us and sometimes you can't. And if you do get through, there is a chance that all of a sudden we will get disconnected.

This was an issue yesterday afternoon as well, and our phone carrier as well as our IT company are currently still working to fix the issue. They hope to have it resolved by the day's end. *fingers crossed*

We just wanted everyone to know that we are still open and ready to receive your scrap. In the meantime, if you do call over here, please know that we aren't trying to ignore you or hang up on you.

We apologize for any inconvenience that you are currently experiencing when trying to reach our office. Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we resolve this matter!

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