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UPDATE: No Longer Accepting Scrap

Effective at 9 am this morning, D&W Salvage, Inc. has made the difficult decision to halt any inbound receipt of scrap iron and metals until further notice. This decision comes after receiving word that the steel mills and foundries that we supply have shuttered their operations for an indefinite amount of time.

Because of the uncertainty in this matter, we have no idea how long we will remain closed to the public, however, we will continue to post updates as they occur.

We apologize for the inconvenience that we know that this is causing many of you, however, rest assured that we are all in this together—halting the receipt of material from our valued customers is the absolutely last thing that we wanted to do.

For those industrial accounts that we service on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, we will be reaching out to you individually to discuss your needs going forward.

We would like to thank those of you who have helped support us over the last 46 years, and we look forward to your continued support as we get through these difficult times. We are strong. We are American. We will get through this---together!

Thank You,

D&W Salvage, Inc.

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